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The main purpose of this wiki is to help players find information they need. It’s a work in progress, which, in this particular context, is a fancy way to say I didn’t really do anything with it.

Objectives and Mysteries

The Serpent’s Legacy
  • An Enroaching Doom
  • The Masters’ Birthright
  • A Tattered Journal
  • A Tarnished Locket
  • A Mysterious Escape
The Discarded Isles
  • A Glyph-Ridden Map
  • The Oracle of Enteramiento

Places and Organizations

Crown Interests
  • The Church of the Immaculate Morning
  • The Mandrake Trading Company
  • Enteramiento (known)
  • Furiosa (known)
  • Posada (known)
Islands of the Whispering Sea
  • Discordia (known)
  • Harmonia (known)
  • The Principalities of the Trench (hearsay)
  • Wereshark Isle (visited)
Islands of the Roaring Sea
  • The Golden Isles (hearsay)
  • Walrus Skull Island (visited)
Where the Outlaws Gather
  • Blacktide Archipelago (hearsay)
  • Escondite (visited)
  • The Discarded Isles (visited)
Pirate Crews
  • Gregory’s Gentlemen
  • You should probably get a name…

Gods and Religion

  • Everything You Need To Know About Our Blue-Scaled Lady and Saviour
  • The Church of the Devourer’s Sorrow

Loot and Logistics

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