Coins, gemstones and art objects

- a total of 180 gold doubloons
- debenture-bond for 200 gold doubloons from a merchant on Escondite (can be cashed out in Escondite and major civilization centers)
- 100 doubloon’s worth of semi-precious gemstones (agates, malachites, a carnelian)
- a small gold bracelet worth 25 doubloons

Other valuables
(by which we mean “mostly wine”, because Joxnir is a cleptomaniac with a very narrow field of interest)

- somewhere between 2 and 30 bottles of Dead Animals™ brand wine (Joxnir doesn’t excel at counting, and nobody else wants to touch the stuff)
estimated value: commercially worthless in most civilized places
- 23 bottles of wine from the Treasure Trove, quality varies
estimated value: 129 silver reals
- 1 bottle of Dragon’s Tears, 2 bottles of less prestigious, but still quite fine wine
estimated value: unappraised, probably high

Permanent magic items

- The Eye of the Serpent
- The Silver Key
- The Devourer’s Tear
- The Filthy Staff

Potions and scrolls

- a scroll of ice storm
- a potion of clairvoyance

Serpentine memorabilia

- a tattered journal
- a silver locket (currently on display in Lombardo’s Tavern)
- a glyph-ridden map


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