The Serpent’s Journey chronicles my attempts at porting a Hungarian D&D 4E module series to 5E, cramming it full of ideas stolen from various OSR blogs, and letting my players have fun with the resulting monstrosity that’s presumably very confused about its identity. If you’re interested in reading about that sort of thing, click on “Adventure Log”. You can then order the posts from oldest to newest using the sidebar on the right.

DM comments about how that worked out for us in practice are in italics. They’re usually found within the relevant adventure log posts. Occasionally, we’ll also have player comments!

Moreover, the adventure log is used as a repository of the images and music I use ingame. I update it whenever I can, but actually writing up log posts with the explicit purpose of making them accessible to people who weren’t there is a bit more time-consuming affair than I initially thought.

By contrast, the wiki serves as a source of information for my players about the world (thus, unlike the adventure log, I’ll at least try to keep it up-to-date). (Thus far, remarkably un-fruitfully.)

The Serpent's Journey

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